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To support reproductive health advocates across the globe, Global Doctors for Choice (GDC) has gathered resources related to advocacy with the aim of influencing policies, guidelines, and laws to improve access to care.

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Obstetric Violence: A Human Rights Approach

Date: November 2015 Topics: Disrespect and Mistreatment during Pregnancy    Resource Types: Publications
This publication describes in detail the current situation of obstetric violence in Mexico. "The Grupo de Información en Reproducción Elegida presents the results of its findings and possible solutions to obstetric violence, always centered on women, but bearing in mind that both health care personnel and the State could benefit as well."

Heshima: Promoting Dignified and Respectful Care During Childbirth

Topics: Disrespect and Mistreatment during Pregnancy    Resource Types: Websites
"The Heshima project is investigating the causes of disrespectful and abusive care during childbirth in Kenyan health facilities and developing interventions to reduce this problem." This webpage contains a wealth of journal articles, curricula, toolkits, research, and news articles related to the Heshima project.

Violence without Interruption

Date: 2017 Topics: Health Exception    Resource Types: Publications
This report by GIRE is to vital to have at hand to provide what you need to know around abortion in cases of rape in Mexico: the legal framework, public policy, human rights law, data, and more. This report contains success stories and obstacles regarding access to justice that GIRE has discovered, including stories of women and girls who have been accompanied. As well as recommendations for people in various positions of power. This resource is in Spanish.

Girls and Women without Justice

Date: 2018 Topics: SRH Education    Resource Types: Publications
This publication aims to build upon the previous publication Omission and Indifference through updating figures, statistics, and registered causes documented and litigated by GIRE and Radar 4 since May 2015.

Manhood 2.0 A Curriculum Promoting a Gender-Equitable Future of Manhood

Date: 2016 Topics: SRH Education    Resource Types: Trainings
Manhood 2.0 is a gender-transformative program launched by Promundo and the University of Pittsburgh to promote positive ideas of manhood and build healthy relationships through communication and respect. This webpage provides access to the curriculum, details about the intervention, and resources for related gender-transformative programs.

Conscientious Objection and Abortion: Private Beliefs, Personal Violence

Topics: Conscientious Objection    Resource Types: Publications
This document discusses how conscientious objection creates asymmetries in women's access to healthcare, perpetuates inequalities, and violates rights. This resource is in Spanish.

Government of Women’s Bodies: Abortion and Conscientious Objection Protocols

Topics: Conscientious Objection    Resource Types: Publications
In March 2012 the Supreme Court of Argentina ordered each province to dictate Medical Protocols to remove "barriers" in access to legal abortion. However, this was interpreted differently across provinces, leading to different models of how to terminate a pregnancy. The purpose of this paper is to show the link between these Medical Protocols with cultural resistance against abortion. It will also show how Medical Protocols along with a widespread practice of conscientious objection have became tools that hinder access to women's health. This resource is in Spanish.

Institutional Conscientious Objection? Impact on Abortion Service Delivery

Date: 2013 Topics: Conscientious Objection    Resource Types: GDC Resources
This document reflects on La Mesa's 2013 international seminar on conscientious objection, recognizing it as a fundamental right and one of the main barriers to abortion access. This resource is in Spanish.

Medical Students for Choice: Values Clarification Event Planning Guide

Topics: Abortion Stigma Info & Mitigation    Resource Types: Publications
This brief resource helps planners host a values clarification workshop in order to help medical students explore and manage their own judgements and personal beliefs in regards to providing reproductive health care and abortion. Links to presentation and workshop options are provided.

Abortion in Latin America

Topics: Advocacy Case Studies, Advocacy Tools    Resource Types: Publications
This book discusses legal strategies for advocates to help fight for the legalization of abortion in the face of conservative resistance. It includes innovative arguments for legalizing abortion access to legal abortion, and reflections and case studies on reactions and counter-reactions on abortion arguments. This resource is in Spanish. 

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