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To support reproductive health advocates across the globe, Global Doctors for Choice (GDC) has gathered resources related to advocacy with the aim of influencing policies, guidelines, and laws to improve access to care.

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Rape, death risk for women and anencephaly, legal abortion in Brazil

Date: August 2018 Topics: Health Exception    Resource Types: Websites
In this video, Dr. Cristiao Rosas, an OBGYN and coordinator of GDC/Brazil, discusses his experience providing legal abortion services in Sao Paulo. This video is in Portuguese.

The impact of obtaining or being denied an abortion on a woman’s mental health – the Turnaway Study

Date: May 2018 Topics: Health Exception    Resource Types: Publications
This informative summary synthesizes the recent results of a large and rigorous study about the effects of abortion on a woman's mental health. The study Turnaway is a longitudinal study that compares, throughout five years of follow-up, the effects on women who have an abortion and others who have been denied. The summary is in Spanish, the webpage is in English.

Abortion Onscreen

Topics: Communicating about SRHR    Resource Types: Websites
ANSIRH’s abortion onscreen program examines how abortion operates in cultural conversations and narratives through film. Abortion Onscreen is investigating these stories and understanding their effects on broader social understandings of

Vessel: The Film

Topics: Communicating about SRHR    Resource Types: Websites
This documentary tells the origin story of Women on Waves, which "begins as flawed spectacle, a media frenzy, faced with governmental, religious, and military blockades. But with each setback comes a more refined mission, until Rebecca Gomperts has the revelation that she can use new technologies to bypass law – and train women to give themselves safe abortions using WHO-sanctioned protocols with pills."

Characteristics of websites in Spanish language that provide information about abortion

Date: June 2016 Topics: SRH Education    Resource Types: Publications
Women who decide to have an abortion look for related information using different means, including web pages which could have erroneous or poor quality data. This article intends to describe the characteristics of web pages in Spanish that provide information on abortion and assess the quality of those that include advice on self-induced abortion. This article is in Spanish.

Heart to Heart Abortion Conversations

Date: 2018 Topics: Abortion Stigma Info & Mitigation, Communicating about SRHR    Resource Types: Trainings
Individuals and health care professionals across the world can adapt guidance in this in toolkit by the National Network of Abortion Funds to inform projects on abortion conversations.

Why Bad Presentations Happen to Good Causes

Date: 2006 Topics: Advocacy Tools    Resource Types: Publications
This book summarizes the research on why public interest presentations earn poor grades and recommends a wealth of strategies for good presentations.

GDC/Colombia’s Dr. Gonazalez Velez: Liberalize Argentina Abortion Law

Date: August 2018 Topics: Advocacy Case Studies    Resource Types: GDC Resources
Dr. Ana Cristina González Vélez supported the August 2018 campaign to liberalize the abortion law. Here is her presentation in Spanish to REDAAS that shares the public health research and arguments for the legalization of abortion in Argentina.

Yes we can! Successful examples of disallowing ‘conscientious objection’ in reproductive health care

Date: February 2016 Topics: Conscientious Objection    Resource Types: Publications
"This article looks at the laws and positive experiences of several Nordic countries to show not only that ‘CO’ can be successfully disallowed, but that this is the only workable solution to avoid the many negative consequences of ‘CO’ on women’s health."

GDC/Colombia Dr. González Vélez: Abortion and Conscientious Objection

Date: August 2018 Topics: Conscientious Objection    Resource Types: GDC Resources
In this video, Dr. Ana Cristina Gonzalez Velez from Colombia focuses on 1) the implementation of legal abortion in Colombia and 2) conscientious objection in Latin America. This video is in Spanish.

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