GDC Membership

Global Doctors for Choice’s (GDC) global network connects physicians who advocate for access to comprehensive reproductive health and rights, and defend women’s autonomy to control their reproductive lives. GDC fosters the transnational transfer of best practices in reproductive health advocacy.

Physicians from all over the world and of all medical disciplines are encouraged to apply for membership. By joining GDC, you will be connecting with other physicians and with support to enable you to be an effective advocate for reproductive health and rights. Together, we aim to improve access to reproductive health care for all.

Join now to access the following benefits:

  • Interact and (re)connect with other GDC physician members across the globe
  • Access to members-only webinars
  • Opportunities for investing in the next generation of providers through coaching and mentorship
  • Access to doctor-lawyer collaborations for reproductive health related advocacy
  • Propose topics for GDC advocacy and/or research
  • Use of GDC’s materials and resources, including position papers, at events, workshops, and conferences
  • Access to GDC’s advocacy training curriculum and soon-to-be-developed online advocacy training program
  • Alert GDC’s Rapid Response Team about the need for urgent policy-related responses or public statements on behalf of GDC

GDC membership is free, but we encourage a voluntary contribution of $50 USD or higher. You will have the opportunity to donate at the end of signup process.

Join GDC!

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