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To support reproductive health advocates across the globe, Global Doctors for Choice (GDC) has gathered resources related to advocacy with the aim of influencing policies, guidelines, and laws to improve access to care.

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Her in Charge: Medical Abortion and Women’s Lives

Date: August 2018 Topics: SRH Education    Resource Types: Publications
“This report is a call for action to dramatically expand medical abortion as one of the options for women who decide not to progress through a full pregnancy,” and the

Failure to Deliver: Violations of Women’s Human Rights in Kenyan Health Facilities

Date: 2007 Topics: Disrespect and Mistreatment during Pregnancy    Resource Types: Publications
This report is based on the experiences of women, providers, administrators, and other leaders in Kenya to offer a perspective of reproductive and human rights violations that continue to occur, despite the positive steps the Kenyan government has taken to advance women's reproductive health and rights.

Providers as an Audience: Addressing Provider Perspectives and Barriers through Social and Behavioral Change Interventions

Date: August 2018 Topics: Advocacy Tools    Resource Types: Websites
This Breakthrough ACTION webinar focused on service providers as an audience for social and behavior change (SBC) interventions. It included program examples demonstrating the application of SBC techniques such as barriers analysis, identifying positive deviants, and advanced audience segmentation for provider behavior change.

Complications from Unsafe Abortion Common in Kinshasa

Date: September 2018 Topics: SRH Education    Resource Types: Publications
The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Kinshasa and the New York-based Guttmacher Institute, documents for the first time the immediate health consequences of complications resulting from unsafe

Medical Abortion Commodities Database

Topics: SRH Education    Resource Types: Websites
This database launched by IPPF houses information on the availability of quality misoprostol, mifepristone, and co-packaged mifepristone and misoprostol (combipacks) at national level.

South African Abortion Law – Infographics in 11 Languages

Date: March 2018 Topics: SRH Education    Resource Types: Publications
"South Africa has one of the most progressive abortion laws on the continent. But very few people know their rights under the law. To bridge this gap, the Bhekisisa Mail & Guardian Centre for Health Journalism — in partnership with the international communications and advocacy organization Global Health Strategies — created free-to-use graphics in 11 languages."

Understandings of self-managed abortion as health inequity, harm reduction, and social change

Date: September 2018 Topics: SRH Education    Resource Types: Publications
"This commentary explores how self-managed abortion (SMA) has transformed understandings of and discourses on safe abortion and associated health inequities through an intersection of harm reduction, human rights and collective activism. The article examines three primary understandings of the relationship between SMA and safe abortion: first SMA as health inequity, second SMA as harm reduction, and third SMA as social change, including health system innovation and reform."

FIGO Institutionalization of Immediate Postpartum IUD services

Date: September 2018 Topics: SRH Education    Resource Types: Publications
FIGO Institutionalization of Immediate Post-partum IUD services initiative has recently published a special issue on this topic through the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics. It contains articles about six countries' experiences in implementing these services.

Learn Before You Leap: The Catalytic Power of a Learning Network

Date: July 2018 Topics: Partnerships & Collaborations    Resource Types: Publications
This article discusses "why learning networks are one of the most effective ways to accelerate learning and strengthen coordination across the social sector." It was published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review by the Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies (IMPT) collaborators David Ehrlichman and David Sawyer, this article profiles the IMPT as an example of how learning networks can advance progress in the health and social sectors.

Guides to Scientific Writing

Topics: Advocacy Tools    Resource Types: Websites
Below are links to resources to support individuals and organizations improve upon their scientific writing for publication. Writing a Scientific Manuscript “This course will walk you through the steps necessary

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