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To support reproductive health advocates across the globe, Global Doctors for Choice (GDC) has gathered resources related to advocacy with the aim of influencing policies, guidelines, and laws to improve access to care.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list and does not necessarily reflect GDC’s position.  We will continue to gather and add resources, and invite you to contact us to suggest resources.

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How to adapt abortion stigma measurement scales

Date: August 2016 Topics: Abortion Stigma Info & Mitigation, SRH Education    Resource Types: Publications
The International Network for the Reduction of Abortion Discrimination and Stigma, Inroads, provides four scales to measure abortion stigma and six steps to adapt these (and other) measurement scales.

How to educate about abortion: A guide for peer educators, teachers and trainers

Date: May 2016 Topics: Communicating about SRHR    Resource Types: Trainings
This IPPF guide was “developed for trainers and educators who want to deliver workshops or training on abortion to young people, especially those training young peer educators.”

Myths About Abortion in Relation to the Zika Epidemic

Date: May 2016 Topics: Communicating about SRHR    Resource Types: GDC Resources
This GDC/Colombia resource is an example of infographic of physician talking points.

Abortion Rates Declined Significantly in the Developed World Between 1990 and 2014

Date: May 2016 Topics: SRH Education    Resource Types: Websites
The Guttmacher Institute and the WHO revealed that from 1990-2014 abortion rates declined significantly in the developed world yet remained the same in developing countries.

How to talk about abortion: A guide to rights-based messaging

Date: November 2015 Topics: Communicating about SRHR    Resource Types: Trainings
This IPPF guide “provides useful tips and advice on what to consider when developing materials relating to abortion. The content includes examples of positive, rights-based messages, and how to avoid

Smart Chart 3.0: An even more effective tool to help nonprofits make smart communications choices

Date: June 2015 Topics: Communicating about SRHR    Resource Types: Trainings
This guide aims to help nonprofits with communication strategies to deliver high impact, including initiating a communications planning process, reviewing existing communication campaigns, or assessing communication efforts already implemented.

Women’s Access to Safe Abortion in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Advancing Maternal Health, Gender Equality, and Reproductive Rights

Date: 2015 Topics: SRH Education    Resource Types: Publications
IPAS stresses that safe and legal abortion is essential to the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals 3 and 5 and recommends indicators to measure progress.

Civil disobedience and physicians—Protesting the blockade of Medicaid

Date: November 2014 Topics: Advocacy Case Studies    Resource Types: Publications
A physician recounts his experience, arrest, and continued convinction while advocating for health care coverage and access in North Carolina, U.S.

Considering strategic litigation as an advocacy tool: a case study of the defence of reproductive rights in Colombia

Date: November 2014 Topics: Political Mapping    Resource Types: Publications
This Colombian article identifies four environmental conditions for strategic litigation to result in successful, sustainable social change and shares studies of two distinct ligitation strategies.

Mapping an Advocacy Strategy

Date: December 2011 Topics: Political Mapping    Resource Types: Trainings
This Pathfinder International guide offers tools for setting advocacy priorities, assessing the political environment, and mapping an advocacy strategy.

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