Obstetric Violence and Quaternary Prevention: What it is and What to Do

Date: 2014 Resource Type: Array Publications

This article aims to justify the necessity of quaternary prevention in face of obstetric violence and to discuss actions and strategies of quaternary prevention to be taken by family physicians, primary care providers and their professional associations. The authors propose and discuss actions of quaternary prevention against obstetric violence: (1) the elaboration (individual and collective) of birth plans oriented by primary care teams during antenatal care (for which we suggest a guideline); (2) the introduction of other qualified professionals on the caring for low risk birth (including qualified family physicians); and (3) the participation of family physicians and other primary care providers and their associations on the social and political movement for “humanization of birth”, supporting the changes on currently functioning maternity wards and new initiatives on birth delivery care. The abstract is in English, the article is in Portuguese.

Advocating for access to safe reproductive health care.