Mexico (Grupo Médico por una Libre Elección)

GDC/Mexico Leadership

The founder of GDC/Mexico, Dr. Alfonso Carrera is also the lead doctor for the organization as well as a member of the GDC Global Steering Committee.

Grupo de Información en Reproducción Elegida (GIRE) is the fiscal sponsor of GDC/México.

For more information, please see the “Lead Doctor Profiles” page.

GDC/Mexico: Recent Highlights

  • GDC/Mexico’s current work is centered around three main topics: conscientious objection, stigma, and obstetric violence.
  • Since 2013, GDC/Mexico has partnered with fiscal sponsor GIRE to train doctors in providing expert testimony in state-level cases related to sexual and reproductive rights.
  • Two doctor-advocates trained by GDC and GIRE offered expert testimony in the “Hilda case,” in which a minor girl in San Luis Potosi was sentenced to a year in prison for inducing an abortion after suffering a miscarriage. She was absolved by the state Supreme Court.
  • GDC/Mexico created a reference tool that clarifies the legal framework around sexual and reproductive rights in the country, and outlines how this framework affects the work of doctors. It will also be shared with maternal and perinatal mortality and morbidity review committee, and GDC/Mexico will disseminate an informational newsletter explaining any changes that occur in the framework.
  • GDC/Mexico has organized a series of advocacy trainings for medical residents, as well as for other pro-choice doctors.
  • GDC/Mexico is developing a data base to centralize the collection of information about problematic abortion cases in the country. Although it will not be representative, the database will serve to help systematically documents the variety of barriers to access that exist, and identify topics of interest for further research and position papers.



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