Ghana: Country Context

  • Ghana is a country of 26 million located in West Africa
  • As of 2012, about 25% of the population lived below the poverty line, with a higher concentration of poverty in the three northernmost regions.
  • Ghana is one of the few countries in Africa where abortion is legal: since 1985, Ghanaian law has permitted abortion in instances of rape, incest or if the woman’s health is at risk.
  • There is a significant disconnect between Ghana’s relatively liberal abortion law and the reality for most women: as of 2007 only 3% of pregnant women, and only 6% of women that were seeking an abortion, were aware that abortion was legal.
  • In total, an estimated 45% of abortions in Ghana are unsafe, and unsafe abortion is one of the  leading causes of maternal mortality—it accounts for 11% of maternal deaths.
  • While knowledge of  modern contraceptive methods is widespread, there is large unmet need.



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