GDC Supports Brazilian Petition

Global Doctors for Choice (GDC) supports the recent petition to the Brazilian Supreme Court, which proposes to expand government health services and social supports for women, children, and families affected by the growing Zika health emergency.

GDC supports all initiatives to ensure that women throughout Brazil have the information, access to healthcare services, access to family planning methods, and access to safe and legal abortion, they require to respond to the Zika virus epidemic.

We fully support this petition – made by the Brazilian National Association of Public Defenders (ANADEP) and the Anis-Institute of Bioethics (Anis), a Brazilian feminist non-government organization, and supported by the Global Health Justice Partnership, a partnership of the Yale Law School and the Yale School of Public Health –  to comprehensively address this public health crisis in Brazil.

Advocating for access to safe reproductive health care for all.