GDC Calls for Release of Imelda Cortez

Global Doctors for Choice wrote to political leaders in El Salvador to urge the release of Imelda Cortez.

Imelda Cortez was accused of attempted aggravated homicide and currently is imprisoned, despite a lack of medical evidence and despite violating conventions and treaties ratified by El Salvador – specifically that a person who has not been convicted may not be imprisoned, unless they are deemed a flight risk.

Imelda Cortez claims that she did not know she was pregnant, as she experienced vaginal bleeding for nine months and was told by her stepfather, who repeatedly raped her and was the proven biological father of the pregnancy, that he was infertile.

After examining Imelda Cortez and the infant, the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) confirmed that a child birth had occurred, no action was taken to provoke a birth, it was a natural birth, and there appeared to be no intent to harm to the infant (e.g., the infant appeared to be full term with a gestational age of 38-40 weeks, was well-hydrated, and was and continues to be in good health).

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